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an ancestral offering


an ancestral offering


Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is an inspirational film conveying the heart-based intelligence and celestially integrated lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. Recorded on location in the Peruvian highlands, this intimate documentary takes its audience on a journey into the heart of an ancient spiritual lineage to experience the practical and mystical lifeways that have sustained one of this planet’s few unbroken wisdom traditions.

The film's non-narrated format offers audiences an unmediated understanding of the Andean maestro's day-to-day life and their animistic relationships with the conscious life force inherent within all aspects of the Natural World. Viewers receive universally applicable insights into a way of being based on loving kindness, unconditional reciprocity, equanimity, sustainability and the sanctity of daily life – foundations of what is known as The Living Peace.

Wiumworks Media in association with Beyond Boundaries Institute and Ayllu K’anchaq Qollyur have created this legacy offering to help inspire and revitalize modern society at a time when unprecedented numbers of people find themselves out of balance and seeking a deeper means of connection and renewal. The film is a heart offering and energetic transmission from the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition.




"MOMENTS OF PURE GRACE AND BEAUTY" – Doug Fischer, The Daily Climate



"I am still basking in the afterglow of the activation I received from the film and your program. The resonance alone from each has been a catalyst for accelerating an unfolding that has been underway for a long, long time. I am profoundly grateful and humbled.

– Rachel C., Santa Fe, New Mexico

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The Andean Holy Mountain Tradition


The Andean Holy Mountain Tradition


Andean Paqos, known as maestros of the Living Energy, form an unbroken lineage of wisdomkeepers who have stewarded humanity's holistic intelligence since time immemorial. Paqos are not shaman. They are spiritual intermediaries recognized by two titles: Pampamisayoq (Pampa•me•sigh•yoke), meaning one who focuses on earth-based matters, and Altomisayoq (Alto•me•sign•yoke), one who attends to both the terrestrial and celestial realms.

Spanish chroniclers introduced these terms in the 1530's as a means to describe the mystical priestlike functions of this ancient tradition. During this same period, and as a result of their responsibilities within the Inkan civilization, Andean Paqos found it necessary to retreat to remote, high altitude locations to safeguard their lifeways from the onslaught of Conquest and Inquisition forces. Perseverance through centuries of isolation and extended hardship has allowed the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition to maintain its integrative practices and keep its cosmology intact.

In the 1950's anthropologists rediscovered the tradition after 425 years of operational secrecy. Researchers cultivated interactions with lineage holders to study their knowledge base and animistic ways of life. Subsequent decades brought increases in modern convenience and safety which led more and more Paqos to live and work in developed communities. Over time the tradition began to see a decrease in the number of Paqos embodying its highest levels due to disruptive influences, mentorship die-off and few modern-day apprentices willing to undertake the rigors of this resolute path.

Presently, and as foretold by Andean oral tradition, Paqos and the Apus (mountain spirit benefactors who overlight the tradition) have begun recognizing and initiating western-born practitioners to help reweave holistic consciousness, restore cognitive lifeways and promote spiritual responsibility within industrialized cultures. To the benefit of all peoples this ancient lineage has successfully maintained its heart-wisdom and is now sharing its holistic paradigms to help humankind remember That which has always been realized within.



"The findings of modern physics and the principles of perennial wisdom traditions are converging. And the spiritual values associated with these wisdom traditions are being validated by science as beneficial to both individuals and society in general."

– Institute of Noetic Sciences, SHIFT Report: Evidence of a World Transforming


Bringing the Film to Life


Bringing the Film to Life


Filmmaker Jeffrey Wium has combined his experience as a Paqo in the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition with his background in multimedia production to create this project. In 2008 he received inspiration for the film during a pilgrimage in the Peruvian Highlands.

Jeffrey shares his experience:

"In 2002 I was injured while filming a television series and led into the realm of holistic healing as a result of my recuperative inquires. This 'accident' offered insight into the necessity of integrating my physical, mental and emotional states in order to experience a deeper sense of well-being. It increased my exploration of ancient spiritual healing arts and asked for more cohesive life practices.

With this my focus turned to education and certification in a variety of holistic health modalities. Over the next years I found a deep resonance with the maestros of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. In early 2007 I was initiated into the lineage and began more intensive training by traveling to the Andes every six to eight weeks – in August of 2008 the inspiration for the film came to me during a high mountain pilgrimage in Peru. 

When I returned home from this trip I shared my vision with a close friend who recognized the value of the project and unexpectedly offered production funding and philanthropic resources on the spot. I realized then that my two seemingly separate worlds were about to merge. I began gathering my 'hats' only to realize later that I would have to release all of these identifications in order to complete what was being asked of me.

Accessing and recording the historically secretive lifeways of the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition required cultural sensitivity and energetic invisibility. To meet the film's technical requirements, maintain operational harmony and assure cosmological integrity the Apus asked me to work solo, combining all of my experience as a Paqo and producer/director/cameraman.

Following completion of principle photography in 2010, I allocated time to wind down my teaching and client responsibilities, relocate my family and support the birth of our second child. This period provided space for reflection and reminded me not to get in the way of how the project wanted to present Itself.

The editorial process took fourteen months to complete. It was an unorthodox approach executed in a single pass from beginning to end relying the Paqos native Quechua language. When my colleagues and I completed the Spanish and English translations, I set about clarifying the dialogue to make it more accessible to western audiences and generated subtitles. I then did a second edit to decrease the overall length and began mastering the film for release. 

The film’s inspiration, production and distribution has been one of deep trust, listening, inter-cultural and inter-dimensional integration into an ancient way of being – a personal and professional paradigm rooted in our natural, unified state of consciousness and "ayni”, unconditional right relationship. This legacy project has Directors beyond myself, and as such, has drawn support from individuals and organizations that have recognized the call. I am deeply grateful for their collaboration and for the opportunity to receive the gifts of their experience and wisdom. And it is to our collective Ancestors that I give thanks for setting this all in motion so long ago."



Raised in Northern California, Jeffrey's work, studies and spiritual explorations have taken him across five continents and multiple traditions. His personal and professional experience has offered firsthand knowledge of varying systems, ideologies and perceptual realities.

In 1995, after ten years of intensive workloads, location travel and living in metropolitan centers, Jeffrey moved to quieter environs to nurture a path of inner study. He went on to complete Qigong certifications in Oregon and China, seek understanding in Tibet, Nepal and India and received the Avaloketesvara initiation from the Dalai Lama.

Jeffrey continued his development with Native American wilderness living skills, philosophy, healing and vision quest protocols, Usui-Tibetan-Sai Baba Reiki, Hawaiian lomilomi, psychosomatic bodywork, meditation, yoga instruction, sound healing and nondenominational ministry. During this period he produced media projects based on ecological education, sustainability and outdoor exploration.

Jeffrey began his formal training in Andean energy medicine in 2004 with academic programs, research expeditions, and traditional apprenticeships in the Peruvian Andes. He has been working as a Paqo since 2007.

Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino is a direct offering from the Andean Holy Mountain Tradition. It came into being as a means to provide people with direct exposure to ancient eco-spiritual ways of life and to help foster personal and collective well-being. Jeffrey is currently traveling with the film, offering facilitated screenings, integrative programs and intensive retreats.


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Praise for Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino


Praise for Wisdomkeepers, Paqo Andino

"I was moved so deeply by viewing the film and attending the programs. I have experienced amazing shifts in perception, abundance, and possibility. I am truly grateful."

– Nannette C., Estes Park, Colorado


“A unique experience and much more than a movie – a valuable and beautiful, long forgotten message to the core of our ancient souls. A true film of the Heart.”

– Katrine K., Oslo, Norway


“Experiencing this film was the second most meaningful experience of my life. The first was the birth of my son.”

– Fotini K., Athens, Greece


“Not only was the cinematography amazing, the heart came through. Incredible, Stunning... the purity, the love. I am mostly without words for what I experienced." 

– Pat H., New Haven, Connecticut


“I find the film to be transporting and absolutely flowing with sacredness. It is stunning to witness the energy of the spirits, the mountains and the sky all participating so actively in the film. To watch it is to not only witness the life and ceremony but to be part of it.”

– Jan S., Montpelier, Vermont


"I came upon this movie with my wife and have to tell you that I have not been the same since. My life feels like it has renewed purpose."

– Jim B., Denver, Colorado


“Near the end of the film I was filled with such a mix of deep gratitude and compassion for the human condition that tears began to flow down my cheeks. Wow, I think it's safe to say I got the heart transmission. Thank you for the gift, from my heart to yours.”

– Katherine O., Kaneohe, Hawai'i


“I was so touched and moved by your film. It was truly profound to see the wisdomkeepers holding space for humanity. I truly felt the depth of their profound words and love for all. Hearing the Paqos speak was life changing.”

– Laura A., Los Angeles, California